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Compliance and Maintenance

All rendition, reporting, abatement and exemption applications can be filed by IVS using the information provided by the client. In many instances, IVS is able to uncover valuable tax saving opportunities during the reporting process by reclassifying personal property assets into more appropriate categories. The staff at IVS has extensive experience filing returns on a national level.

The IVS professionals representing your properties will perform on-site analysis of your facilities to further quantify issues such as physical, functional and economic obsolescence.

Property Valuation Analysis for Property Tax Purposes
Understanding the complexities associated with making the proper adjustments to your valuation is what we do best. We prepare valuation positions that are defensible and are within the appropriate guidelines for each state. To ensure the most favorable assessment, IVS will utilize several valuation methodologies including, but not limited to, the cost approach, income approach and market approach where applicable.

Real Estate Improvements
The valuation of complex/manufacturing properties may rely on markets that extend beyond the boundaries of the taxing jurisdiction in which they are located. IVS with its broad national market exposure can bring a proven and relevant perspective to our client’s real property issues.

Opportunities to secure incentive programs which minimize tax liability are a priority for IVS. The entire process of preparation, initial application, formal presentation, negotiating with political entities and securing the formal agreement with the taxing authorities can be handled by IVS.

Negotiation with Taxing Authorities
With client approval, IVS will enter into negotiations with a predetermined valuation range and negotiate for the lowest assessment possible. IVS will approach the assessing authorities on an informal basis to educate them on the facts and findings of our analysis on personal property and/or real estate valuation. In the event that an informal agreement is not possible, IVS is prepared to represent our client through the administrative appeal process.

Custom Reporting
The IVS property tax management system allows IVS to provide you with a wide array of reports in a user friendly format. If preferred, we can customize reports to assist with your internal reporting requirements. IVS can provide annual reports outlining our representation of your facilities with the results and estimated taxes.?

Property Tax Planning
One of the most difficult tasks tax professionals encounter in the scope of their duties is the calculation of future tax liability. This task is further complicated in today’s economy by companies routinely adding or deleting assets throughout the year, as well as, buying and/or selling properties or whole divisions. At IVS we have developed the resources necessary to assist your firm with this on-going effort.

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