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One of the cornerstone tenets of the appraisal process is the "Principle of Anticipation". This principle addresses the effects of expected future conditions on the value of a property today. This element is often left out of the property tax process and yet is one of the most important considerations with regard to any complex industrial valuation. IVS was founded on the premise of specialization. Specialization gives us the ability to analyze our clientís property and quantify the changes within their industry or specific operation.

Because we are focused on the representation of complex property, all of our resources, reference materials and staffing are geared toward the enhanced ability to understand the industries we represent. We study the cycles of our clients and employ that information in the representation and tax planning phases of our engagement. We are aware of the economic environments impacting our clients and their properties and the potential those influences have on the values affecting their liability.

This focused approach to property tax representation has been successfully demonstrated throughout the history of IVS and has warranted the long term relationships we enjoy with some of the most prominent manufacturers in the United States.

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